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Software Craftsman

I'm a highly motivated and passionate software craftsman, with extensive experience in software design and development, always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to sharpen my skills.
I'm particularly interested in distributed systems and message driven solutions.

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FRVR - Head of AdTech

December 2022 ─ Current
  • Spearheading the technical design and execution of FRAN, FRVR’s Advertising Network
  • Working together with Commercial and Data departments to provide vision and perspective while ensuring that the technical roadmap and priorities stay aligned with both short-term and long-term business goals

Tools: Java, Go, JavaScript ES5 and ES6, Spring Boot ecosystem, Vertx, Docker, Terraform, GKE, Helm, Cloud Build, Redis, Cloud Storage (Postgres), PubSub, BigQuery, Microservices and Message driven architectures

Fanduel - Senior Tech Lead / Software Architect

February 2021 ─ December 2021
  • Lead a team of 8 engineers that helped Fanduel move from a monolithic to a micro services oriented solution and helped prove the advantages of adopting shorter, and quicker, framework (SCRUM) for development & release cycles
  • Designed and implemented core components of the Free 2 play platform, a new channel with the aim of increasing Daily Active Users and Daily New Users by enabling users to experience free versions of Fanduel's games and therefore increasing the likelihood of upselling to premium versions of those games

Tools: Java, JavaScript ES6, AWS EKS, Docker, Spring (Boot) ecosystem, Microservices and Message driven architectures, AWS SQS, Datadog, Terraform, Buildkite, Helm, Amazon RDS (MySQL), GraphQL

Triple13 - CTO

May 2019 ─ September 2021
  • Managed company level architecture and, spearheaded the technical strategy and execution of its products
  • Demonstrated ability to simultaneously embrace macro-level strategic decisions and micro-level implementation
  • Developed and implemented long-term strategic technological blueprint
  • Leya - Analytics platform, backed by a pay-as-you-go billing model, that enables publishers to collect, aggregate, and visualize data in real-time and is capable of ingesting, and querying, petabytes of data
  • Floors - Solution that optimises Unified Pricing Rules in Google AdManager to boost Publishers revenue
  • T13S2S - Prebid Server SaaS platform

Later acquired by Freestar due to its strong value proposition derived from its innovative technical products.

Tools: Java, Go, Python, JavaScript, GKE, Docker, Spring (Boot) ecosystem, Microservices and Message driven architectures, PubSub, BigQuery, OAuth2, Service Monitoring tools (Statful/Prometheus+Grafana), Terraform, Cloud Build, Helm, Redis, Cloud Functions, Cloud SQL (PostgresQL), Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Storage, Cloud CDN, Stripe Payment Platform

HSBC - Software Architect

October 2020 ─ February 2021
  • Designed, developed and delivered a set of GraphQL based Frameworks, Tools, Configurations,Tests and Documentation to ease and simplify construction of Attribute Based Access Control(ABAC) components and standardize the process of defining, and enforcing, policies or rules

Tools: Java, Spring Boot, Github Actions, Github Packages, GraphQL Java, GraphQL Java Kickstart, JHM, Sonarqube, Prometheus, Grafana, Redis, GKE, Terraform, Helm, Resilience4j

Baeldung - Author

September 2018 ─ March 2019
  • Wrote several articles published on Baeldung.com, a technical site focused on Java ecosystem.These articles cover a wide range of themes, from plain Java to Spring, Docker, Kubernetes or OAuth2: https://www.baeldung.com/author/daniel-barrigas

HOLD - Lead Software Engineer

August 2018 ─ February 2019
Porto, Portugal
  • Led a team of 6 software engineers that designed and developed a resilient, and scalable, platform aiming to bridge the gap between FIAT and Cryptocurrencies, allowing users to buy, sell and exchange assets worldwide

Tools: Java, Python, Docker, Spring Boot ecosystem, Kafka, GKE, Terraform, Helm, OAuth2, Timescale, Tensorflow, Keras, Jenkins, Grafana, PostgresQL

TVG Network Betfair US - Software Engineer

February 2017 ─ August 2018
  • Worked remotely for one of the major horse racing and betting platforms in the United States. I was responsible for, and actively involved in multiple iterations that targeted different stages of a product's lifecycle: from discussing and defining requirements with the client to the design and development of the solution

Tools: Java, GKE, Docker, Microservices architecture, Spring (Boot) ecosystem, Redis, Cloud SQL, PubSub, Spanner, GKE, Cloud Storage, RabbitMQ, OAuth2, Service Monitoring tools (Statful), GoCD

WIT Software - Software Engineer

September 2015 ─ December 2016
Porto, Portugal
  • SIP High availability research - Performed a state of the art research, enriched by multiple Proof of Concepts, on SIP Application Servers compliant with SIP Servlets JSR289, WebSockets Servlets JSR356 and supporting SIP, as well as HTTP, session replication. Using the results of the research, I designed and developed a scalable and resilient solution based on SockJS and STOMP
  • SIP Gateway - Designed and developed a gateway that combined both HTTP and SIP worlds in order to enable communication between SIP and HTTP user agents
  • Domotics - Created a responsive web application that enabled users to manage and control a residential automation network

Tools: Java, Wildfly 10, Spring Framework, SIP Servlets 1.1, AngularJS, Gulp.js, Protocol Buffers, Jenkins

Altice Labs - Software Engineer

September 2015 ─ December 2016
Aveiro, Portugal
  • Smart2M – Core member of the team responsible for designing and developing Smart2M, a machine-to-machine service delivery platform capable of supporting M2M services across a wide range of business areas and sectors thus, bringing together functions relating to application enablement and connectivity management

Tools: Java, Jboss, PostgresQL, Hibernate, MongoDB, Redis, JavaScript, JQuery, Stripes Framework, JSTL

Personal Projects


October 2019 ─ Present
  • DevOps as a service platform that seeks to enrich, and facilitate the DevOps experience in the software development life cycle to accelerate product development and allow developers to focus on delivering business value

Tools: Java, Go, GKE, Docker, Spring (Boot) ecosystem, Microservices and Message driven architectures, PubSub, Kubernetes Operators, OAuth2, Service Monitoring tools (Prometheus+Grafana), Terraform, Cloud Build, Helm, Redis, Cloud SQL (PostgresQL), Cloud Storage, Stripe Payment Platform


May 2020 ─ Present
  • A flexible solution for identity and access management that eliminates the overhead of creating your own custom solution for user authentication and authorization allowing developers to focus on building and delivering business value

Tools: Java, GKE, Docker, Spring (Boot) ecosystem, Microservices and Message driven architectures, PubSub, OAuth2, Service Monitoring tools (Prometheus+Grafana), Terraform, Github Actions, Helm, Redis, Cloud SQL (PostgresQL), Stripe Payment Platform



Informatics Engineering

2007 - 2012
University of Coimbra


Informatics Engineering

2012 - 2014
University of Coimbra
Personal Abilities

I have the ability to transform vision into reality

Critical Thinker & Innovator

Look at problems and current solutions from different perspectives to learn how they can be improved

Strategic & Organised

Choose what and what not to do, then envision how to do it

Team Player

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success" - HF

Flexible & Adaptable

Adapt rapidly and effortlessly to new environments

Sense of Leadership & Independency

Lead by example


Spring ecosystem


Identity and Access Management


Google Cloud Platform




Software Architecture Design


Distributed Systems


Message Driven Solutions




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